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It is so important to support businesses that benefit members of our special needs community!


This page is dedicated to these businesses! 


Whether it is an online business or one that functions within our community, these businesses focus on job skills and training for our most vulnerable population.  Their ultimate goal is to promote inclusion, encourage acceptance, and support continued employment for those with disabilities.  By supporting these businesses, you are helping to sustain opportunities available to our children for the future!


I love spreading the word about these wonderful businesses!  Consider taking a road trip to one of these amazing establishments or placing an order on one of these wonderful online shops!


If you know of any not listed here, please let me know! 

candles and bath products

"providing meaningful employment for people with autism"

special meals

"nine out of ten people with intellectual and developmental disabilities lack meaningful employment.  we are on a mission to change that" 

home lifestyle store

"our focus is to assist clients to developmental job skills, and community inclusion in a retail environment"

coffee shop environment

"by providing meaningful, paid employment for teens and adults with special needs, our employees will gain independence, self-confidence, and work skills for a successful future"

where HOPE is always brewing

"our goals are simple and from the heart: to increase the employment rate for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities"

vintage art store

"our shop supports employment and employment training to people with disabilities as well as artisians with and without disabilities"

bakery - cafe - restaurant

"we’re classically trained chefs, co-therapists, and hospitality devotees determined to break the mold with our views on food, the differently-abled community, and work-life balance"

making blankets from fabric scraps

"provide positive, meaningful employment for people with disabilities and those facing other barriers to employment"

be kind to everyone

"the shirt project was started in June of 2018 with the purpose of teaching job skills to Jordyn, who has autism"

handmade soap

"we are a handmade soap business wrapped with purpose. our purpose? to support and educate our daughter with down syndrome"

lunch cafe without limits

"we are a lunch cafe that employs adults with intellectual disabilities"

delicious popcorn with a purpose

"creating meaningful opportunities for adults with autism and other disabilities"

beautiful flowers and gifts

"unique floral business which provides employment for people with disabilities in an integrated setting"

special bookstore

"what makes us special is our mission:

engaging readers of all ages and interests,
welcoming patrons and employees with autism"

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