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Specialized summer camps provide many benefits to children with special needs.  By enrolling in a camp designed specifically for the needs of your child, important social, communication, and sensory skills can continue to be learned during the summer months when otherwise regression can occur.  These camps promote independence, self-esteem, and confidence, all within a fun and safe environment!  Each of these camps are unique, and offer a variety of different programs and services for your child.  Be mindful when making a decision on camp placement... many programs can be tailored around the special needs of your child.     

I encourage everyone who is looking for special needs-related, adaptive, or inclusive summer camps and summer programs to connect with us through our very active Facebook group!  We have an amazing community within our group, and those who run these summer camps and programs post their information usually starting in Spring!  Some of these summer camps and programs fill up quite early, and investigating an appropriate summer activity can take some time.  Start early, ask for suggestions from other parents, and reach out directly to the camps to have all of your concerns and questions addressed!  

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