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There are many service providers who are a part of NJ SPECIAL NEEDS CONNECTION.  They come in the form of therapists, support coordinators, advocates, organizations, and so much more.  They provide wonderful resources to our families and I am grateful they are part of our community!  However, unlike many other Facebook groups, I love and encourage service providers to advertise.  For many families, "support" looks like advice, sympathy, and empathy from other parents. That is amazing and so needed for our families! For many others, "support" looks like a team of therapists, respite workers, organizations, advocates, lawyers, recreational programs, and much more. Basically, a TEAM of individuals who come together to provide your family and children with support, guidance and opportunities for success. It took some time, but my team was incredible, a long time in the making, but they were what we needed to basically survive this journey. It is for this reason that I am so adamant about bringing together families and providers through the Facebook group.  I never want a family to say there is nothing available for their child. Providers exist. Programs exist. Not all of them will be a great fit for your family as all of our families have different needs (location, insurance, childcare, abilities, etc.), but they are out there. One post from a provider could give a family in need some hope and an opportunity they never had before! If you are in need of a resource, please visit our Facebook group and post! Give specific details of what you are in need of so we can all help you find it!  

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