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Every family should apply their child to PerformCare, which is the Administrative Service Organization for New Jersey’s Division of Children’s System of Care.  Although it can be a time consuming process to apply and obtain services (if your child is approved), take it from a Mom who has been receiving services for her children for years – IT IS SO WORTH IT!


There are so many services you can obtain for your child.  This is just a few:


  1. Respite Care

  2. Camp Funding

  3. Group Home Placement

  4. Home and Vehicle Modifications

  5. Mobile Response Services

  6. Family Support

  7. Outpatient Services

  8. Psychiatric Screening

  9. Care Management


PerformCare works with families who have children up to the age of 21.  At 21 years old, individuals with disabilities can obtain services through the State of New Jersey – Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD).  Please see the DDD tab under SERVICES for more information.


You can find more information on PerformCare via their website,, or by calling 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 877-652-7624.

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