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I am so excited to include a “Mom-Recommended” page on this website!  My boys and I are so lucky to have had some wonderful experiences with doctors, hospitals, recreation programs, sensory-friendly activities, family social groups, and community organizations in NJ!  These particular recommendations are based on the personal experiences we have had and I want to share them with you!  If you are a member of the NJ Special Needs Connection group on Facebook, you know that the boys and I are very involved with the special needs community and that I love to post about our adventures!  There are so MANY wonderful resources for our families in NJ!  However, these recommendations below come from places that have played, and continue to play, a significant role in our lives, and I want to share their "greatness" with all of you!  If you click on the logos below, you will be taken directly to the corresponding website so you could learn more.  However, please feel free to e-mail me directly with any questions you have about our experiences.  I am so happy to share my thoughts with you!  Please connect with me via!! 


Ask me about our favorite pediatricians and specialists at Riverside Medical Group in Hoboken and other locations!


Let me tell you why this is our favorite basketball program!


Would love to tell you why this organization is so wonderful!


Ask about my experiences with their Neuro-Developmental Pediatricians!


Our favorite place to swim and play!  VERY special needs-friendly!


Find out why the Hoboken Special Needs Parent Group is near and dear to my heart!


The Deron School of New Jersey changed our lives!  Such an amazing school, with wonderful staff and supportive programs!  

camp moore.jpg

FREE overnight camp at a wonderful facility with wonderful staff!  What's NOT to love??????


Do you have a kiddo who loves to jump??  This place is for you!    


Have you heard of ASAT?  Ask me why I volunteered as a Board Member for three years!  This organization is a hidden gem for families!  


THE BEST website for parent support regarding a variety of different issues pertaining to disabilities, education, and much more!  Ask about my training a SPAN Resource Parent!


The Forum School helped my son through some very significant behavioral challenges! Reach out if you have questions about our experience! 

my goal.png

Another great organization that my family has been involved with for many years!  Want to learn more about it??

special dragons.jpg

Let me tell you why Special Dragons is our favorite special needs martial arts program!


Our first camp experience was at Camp Haverim at the JCC on the Palisades!  Ask me why it is one of my favorite camps!


Love our Child Psychistrist, plus so many wonderful programs and services offered to families!


Ask me how the Special Needs Division of Allied Wealth Partners can help your family! 


My boys are obsessed!  Ask me why we go there once a week to visit the animals and museums!   


LifeTown is LIFE-CHANGING!  You and your family must experience this amazing place!  Ask me why!


If your child is interested in filmmaking, graphic arts, video editing, game creation or graphic arts, this is an amazing program!  My Ryan LOVES it here!  


Would love to tell you about the amazing staff and surgical facilities at Sparkle Kids Dentistry in Fair Lawn! 


If you are in Hudson County and interested in having a mentor for your kiddo, reach out!  We have the BEST mentors and I would love to share my experiences with you!

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