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There are many organizations which can assist your family with legal questions and advocacy issues regarding your loved one with special needs.  It is important to know your rights as a caregiver, therefore, it is important to familiarize yourself with these organizations and the services each of them provides! 



"To provide legal and advocacy services, training, education, and related activities to persons with disabilities and, in certain issues, to organizations representing their interests, with an emphasis on those most vulnerable and needy."

"The Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates, Inc. (COPAA) members work to protect the legal and civil rights of and secure excellence in education on behalf of tens of thousands of students with disabilities and their families each year at the national, state and local levels."

"The Criminal Justice Advocacy Program (CJAP) provides alternatives to incarceration on behalf of individuals with developmental disabilities who are defendants in the criminal justice system, and is the only program of its kind in New Jersey."

"The DCF Office of Advocacy assists the Department in its mission to keep New Jersey families safe, healthy and connected by providing information and responding to the concerns of parents, youth, foster parents and others involved with DCF services."

"Incorporated in 1994, DRNJ was subsequently designated by the Governor to serve as New Jersey's protection and advocacy system for people with disabilities."

"ELC is at the forefront of state-based efforts to improve school funding equity and secure essential resources for all students. Our strategies include litigation, policy development, capacity building, communications, data analysis and research."

"Legal Services in New Jersey embraces the vision of full access to essential civil legal aid for all economically disadvantaged people who cannot secure a lawyer on their own."

"The NJCDD provides a platform for individuals, family members, advocates, and public and private agencies to develop a coordinated social policy for advancing the rights and opportunities of New Jersey residents with developmental disabilities."

"In the Judiciary, the ombudsman is a neutral staff person who answers questions, addresses concerns from the public and is responsible for enhancing customer service in the courts. The ombudsman provides a bridge between the courts and the community, to enhance public access and improve customer service."

"Empowering families as advocates and partners in improving education,
health, and mental health outcomes for infants, toddlers, children, and youth."

"Parents, educators, advocates, and attorneys come to Wrightslaw for reliable information about special education law and advocacy for children with disabilities."

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