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Let’s talk about HOMESCHOOLING your child with special needs!


Sometimes, traditional school settings are just not right for your child.  As a caregiver, go with your gut!!  You know your child’s strengths and challenges.  You know when your child is not being provided an education which meets your standards, and one that is not allowing them to grow and meet their full potential.


Homeschooling is not an option for everyone, but it may be right option for you!


Below you will find resources regarding laws and requirements for homeschooling in NJ, as well as NJ-specific Facebook groups and pages you could connect with.  Families who are already homeschooling their children are some of the BEST sources of information!   


There are many homeschooling curriculums to choose from, but I decided NOT include those on this page.  If I was a caregiver looking for homeschooling resources for my children, I personally would start with all of these below.  This is why I am sharing them with you!   


If you come across another NJ-specific homeschooling resource during your research, please let me know so we could share it with other families! 

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