Finding appropriate healthcare for your family, especially your child with special needs, can be quite stressful!


There are many factors to consider when choosing the right insurance company.  What are the copays involved with each service you anticipate using?  What therapies are covered? What hospitals can you use?  Are current medications covered?  What DME is covered? Do you have access to all of the specialists your child needs?


There are also many requirements you need to fill in order to apply for certain healthcare programs.  As a family, you may have options to purchase insurance through the Federal marketplace, through your employer, or apply for insurance through Medicaid or NJ Family Care.  Only you can determine which option is best for your family, and which programs you may or may not qualify for. 


I included links below to help you get started! – Federal Marketplace


NJ Family Care


State of New Jersey – Department of Health

Special Child Health Services Case Management


State of New Jersey - Department of Health

Special Needs


State of New Jersey - Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services



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