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When caring for a child or adult with special needs, having the right type of clothing for your loved one is such an important part of their daily care.  Finding the right clothes and shoes can be a struggle!  You may have a child with sensory needs who does not like certain materials or tags, or who may require extra assistance getting dressed.  You may also have a child who needs adaptive clothing to fit around a g-tube or wheelchair.  Some parents get creative and make their own adaptive clothes to meet the needs of their child, some companies specialize in such clothing and sell exclusively online, and some clothing companies have heard the plea of special needs parents and developed their own adaptive clothing line! 


Whatever the case… adaptive clothes are wonderful and sometimes necessary when caring for those with special needs.  These types of clothes can be life-changing – they can make your child more comfortable and independent, and can keep your child safe when dealing with special medical equipment. 


If you know of any companies which sell adaptive clothing that is not on this list, please let me know!  I would love to add them to the website so parents can learn about their products!!!

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